Our session had a profound impact on me. I was definitely pushed to my limits…it was just what I was looking for and needed. Thank you for allowing me to worship and adore you!

I love your ability to simultaneously be whimsical and playful while delivering increasingly intense torment. Your laughter and glee at my struggle to endure was intoxicating.

It was a pleasure to see that you truly enjoy exploiting my gender’s many weaknesses.

You surpassed my expectations. I saw another side of you that turned me on. Not only are you beautiful, young, dominant, sadistic, and downright sexy – you are sweet and caring.

I worship your watermelon toes. I am your biggest groupie. Your right arm really walloped me! Every step I take, every sit I make, my body aches, for your lash. Thank you, Domme, for an unforgettable night.

You have rejuvenated and relaxed me enormously. What a wonderful experience and what a wonderful person you are.

Wow what a delicious session! I’m tingling and smiling at how cruel and sensational you were. You were so good tonight, so giving, so attentive.

Drinking your warm nectar and scrubbing your toilet are my fondest memories. I miss the way you beat me. One day I will give everything I have to you.

I think I stumbled upon the right person to explore this side of me with. Do you know that you are addictive?

Probably one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. I wish I could come over everyday. You are definitely as seductive as seductive gets.