Domme Discordia Professional Dominatrix NYC proDomme Brooklyn

My skin is lusciously irresistible to touch – but only with my generous permission. Take in my pheromones and find yourself drunk with lust. Intoxicated by my presence, you are under my control. You’ll do as you’re told, finding yourself decadently rewarded for true supplication.

I straddle you, pressing you down in bodily restraint. My legs are slender and smooth. My underarms are hairy and natural. My form is exquisite. I slide the silk robe off my body to reveal the scantiest of lingerie. Teasingly I pull the sheer fabric aside to show you glimpses of more. My breasts are pert perfection, with sensitive nipples that respond to the slightest stimulation. The supple curvature of my ass presses against your eager face with soft ease. I’m unshaved between my legs. I am pure divinity. Worship me.

In giving yourself over to me reverently, your submission is honored with a touch that heals and inspires. My physical presence blissfully overwhelms. At my gentle command, you please me with all your soul. It’s what you’re good for.

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