Domme Discordia NYC Dominatrix proDomme BDSM

Inflicting sadistic pain upon the most sensitive and deeply personal part of your body thrills me. The rush of cock and ball torture keeps me lusting. My virtuoso mastery of CBT domination reflects years of intensive training. My rich trove of techniques ensures each scene is completely unique. Naturally, I amuse myself with the exact amount of muscle I know you need.

The persuasive interpretation of CBT requires a deft balance of pleasure and pain. Stoking your motivation plies what I want out of you. Indulging moments of rapture amidst an onslaught of torment ensures that I get my sadistic kicks. Against all reason, you beg for more. I push you into the perfect masochistic headspace.

My potent command of CBT exceeds any expectations. Easing neophytes in proves quite easy. Old hands will find themselves delightfully sated, yet hungry for more. Sensual bondage down below adjusts your attitude. Slowly-building sensory play gauges your sensitivity. Our negotiated desires combine in creative ways. Using endless combinations of tools, toys, force, and stimulation, I practice my art. You are my clay and I’m quite crafty.

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