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It is an immense pleasure to engage in play along with some of my favorite people. I associate with the finest Dominas – ones I trust, with whom I share amazing chemistry. It’s one of the finest feelings a sub can experience to have so many hands plying, teasing, and torturing all at once. The added attention can be quite addicting!

In New York City, some of my favorite friends include Mistrix Sade,  Empress WuLara Venus, and Mistress Pomf.  We are a tight-knit group that shares similar approaches and D/s philosophies. Of course, being the social soul I love to be, I’m available for sessions with almost any Dominatrix of your preference, and am always happy to choose someone who suits you perfectly.

Back in Austin, my former home, it was my absolute pleasure to share the companionship of a number of elite Dominatrices. Mistress Odette, Mistress Letharia, and Mercenary Mistress are some of my favorites, among many others I highly recommend. Texas has a truly glorious number of proDommes and I’m looking forward to meeting many more here in NYC!

Of course, many of my companions are thrilled to be invited to join in our play. Studly men who love to Dominate under my control, willing submissives to join in the pain, and a cadre of curious vanilla observers all relish the opportunity to enhance the session experience.

So, how many hands can you handle?


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