proDomme Domme Discordia professional Dominatrix NYC BDSM
You place formidable responsibility in my hands. You trust a Dominatrix with many things: your (relative) physical safety, emotional well-being, privacy – so much power. Anyone can act dominantly, but reverence for the vulnerability offered by her submissive makes for a Domme of repute and esteem.

I want to know what you’re into. My interests are so numerous that it’s not catering to a sub to line up our likes. I intuitively navigate a deeply personal experience that encompasses both our desires.

Safe words are always in place in my scenes, and respected absolutely. I inquire about your medical history and physical status to make proper accommodations. Soft limits are teased, not shoved upon you. Hard limits are off limits with zero judgement.

I read you closely as we play to make sure you’re not tipping over the precipice of painful ecstasy. I watch your body closely, picking up little signs. Even your breathing tells me that you’re exactly where I want you.

After our play is done, I readily comfort you. I check in. You’re in my care – a safe place. I guard our secrets and unlock your dreams.

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