True Service to NYC Dominatrix Domme Discordia

Gracious Servitude

A fabulous proDomme deserves only the finest service subs and my current objective is to find the best of the best here in NYC. My submissives in service set a very high standard that I firmly expect to be met by hopeful supplicants. Accepting servitude graciously from those well-suited to the role is my great pleasure. Are you truly fit to take on such richly rewarding duty?

Worthy of Honor

Hoping you might suit the role? It takes more than pleading. Worthiness of servitude requires a number of qualities. These include and are definitely not limited to: performing duties enthusiastically, thorough attention to detail, efficiency, anticipating a Domme’s needs, and putting one’s self out there to further her dreams. Examples of strong indications of unsuitability include: selfish expectations, poor reception to constructive criticism, diva behavior, and unwillingness to perform basic duties in order to earn greater opportunities. My main prerequisite for all applicants is to have completed an initial session with me in order for me to judge their suitability. Get in touch if you haven’t had the pleasure – I’ll take things from there.

My Devoted Servant 

My first dedicated sub came to me in my early Dominatrix days. He approached me initially with a lovely gift from my Amazon wish list. Upon our first meeting he provided a thorough report on his vanilla life in hopes I’d find him worthy, both as a compatible submissive and as a genuinely good person. Throughout my years in Texas he served me with the utmost respect, devotion, and generosity. I sincerely appreciate that a seasoned player found great promise in me. I ran his whole fucking life and we both loved it! His steadfast adoration earned him the title of My devoted servant. He is the measure of all who follow in his path.

Exceptional Standards

I have had the pleasure of accepting fabulous service from many notable submissives. Bitch Boy proved truly a treat to break in and pass all around town. Such an eager whipping boy! Cyberslut shows steadfast reliability in ways that never cease to entertain. I can’t wait to see him suck my dirty toes again. Tiny little Sardini is always great for long bouts of degradingly hard labor and occasional beta slut duties. Servant Skunk really shines with the most thorough domestic service I’ve seen. She really throws her heart into absolutely filthy labor! Her selflessness and skills are a testament to exceptional training by her Domme, Mistress ChurchMouth. You are all valued so greatly and your work serves as a true inspiration for those seeking to serve.

Serve the Elite

Servitude is one of the ultimate honors a proDomme can bestow upon a worthy submissive, opening up a vast world of sadomasochistic opportunities – particularly in a city as wild and wonderful as NYC. An offer involving that level of commitment and personal intimacy is a precious gift to those who understand how to cherish it. A balanced power exchange includes understanding that the lucky submissive will return that honor through thoughtful duty.

Do you have the heart of a true servant?



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