BDSM TENS Unit E-Stim Sadism NYC professional Dominatrix Domme Discordia

Particular Predilections

As a professional Dominatrix, it’s crucial to develop skill sets across a broad swath of interests, and some inevitably turn into major favorites. TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is a particular kink that’s only grown more fascinating to me. My lust for e-stim has led me to keep acquiring more devices and accessories to feed my needs. I’m a connoisseur of current and I’m taking you for a wicked ride along my sadistic electrical waves.

Shockingly Sensual

Adjusting the knobs of my BDSM-grade power box in the style of a synthesizer, I artfully manipulate the sensations and intensity of the electrical stimulation deep within your flesh. TENS play doesn’t have to hurt. At lower levels, it feels like a slight throbbing or a gentle tingle. The muscle contractions caused by the pulsations have some incredibly sexy possibilities. Conductive pads placed just so on the genitals can feel enticingly masturbatory. Insertable toys stroke your hole with perfect unabated rhythm, leaving my hands free to do even more to you.

Sadistic Synthesis

Of course, TENS torture is no joke. I very gradually increase the settings, occasionally making brief but nightmarish jumps to terrify you of what’s ahead. The throbbing becomes a jolt that can range from the sensation of a fistful of stabbing needles to unstoppable chaotic spasms. I have you tightly restrained to keep your limbs from flailing uncontrollably. Anywhere below the waist is within the realm of possibility. Toes twitch, thighs cramp, labia swell, and testicles dance entertainingly. I can even attach two people simultaneously for romantic scenes, or perhaps you’ll compete against one of my submissive masochists to see who can handle the most juice! Trust me, it’s a really fun game.

Geared for Games

My current TENS toy collection includes a Paradise Electro Stimulations power box, an ErosTek remote control unit with multiple controllers, a massive hoard of conductive sticky pads, and electrified stretch bands, urethral sounds, dildos, anal plugs – even a leather shock paddle. If you’re feeling a jolt of inspiration, you’ll find that my Amazon Wishlist has a selection of e-stim toys that can really step things up invasively. Shivering to feel my current? No need to leave your cravings for my stimulation unrequited – let’s play.

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