Humiliatrix Domination Verbal Abuse NYC Dominatrix proDomme Domme Discordia

My words are my greatest weapon. I have been destroying souls as a professional Humiliatrix for over fifteen years. I have made many strong-willed individuals cower and weep. I wield this sharp-edged sword with cunning and responsibility.

Verbal control is more than spoken abuse, more nuanced than a raised voice. My tone and inflection draw you in, compelling you to agree to my every desire with pleasure. My creative wordplay holds your attention, piquing intrigue. I graphically dictate our play with audible authority.

My ways can be sensual, raising goosebumps as I detail my rich trove of scandalous stories. I ply your lust with aural titillation, laughing at the climax of my verbal manipulations. I weave roleplay scenarios deeply, casting off any perception of our scene as anything less than absolute reality.

Perhaps you seek firmer abuse. Perhaps you deserve it. I reveal your most deeply hidden thoughts with mirthful brutality. Your protests are mocked, your insults are bested – you will not win. I flay your raw emotions. I obliterate your ego. Basically, I break your brain.

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