With absolute delight, I bring you my upcoming schedule of sex work, kink, and BDSM education online classes for Spring 2023!

I have retired from the professional domination industry to shift my focus to gender and sexuality life coaching, education, and consulting – utilizing a unique set of career skills applied in exciting new directions. 

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Advanced Remote Domination Class

Remote Control: Advanced Distance Domination

Sunday May 7th 6pm CST

Creative ways to play long-distance – and how to keep the fun rolling by keeping clients immersed and engaged.

Working with submissives in other locations is a very different game than those played in person. Online, phone, and other kinds of remote domination expand sex work market possibilities by widening your reach – and presenting a great opportunity for creative liberty. This class will cover practiced tactics and effective techniques for keeping subs enthusiastically motivated to meet their mark, no matter where they’re at.

Topics covered will include: 

  • Scenario inspirations
  • Communication options
  • Long-distance play
  • Means of remote control
  • Dominant schedule management
  • Discreetly interactive games


Get tickets here: https://longdistance.eventbrite.com 



phone sex training

Talk Dirty for Money: Industry Tricks

Sunday June 4th 6pm

Maximizing Your Verbal Potential for Financial Gain

Talking dirty for money has fabulous profit potential in the sex work industry, whether it’s via talk-specific platforms such as Niteflirt, or within the context of in-person scenes. We’ll build on fundamental skills developed within the April 23rd Talk Dirty for Fun class, but this class also works great on its own for experienced sex workers wanting to expand their repertoire of advanced verbal tactics.

Get tickets here: https://dirtytalkformoney.eventbrite.com


Past Classes


violet wand training class

Wednesday March 15th 7pm CST

Raw Power: Neon and Violet Wands

Exploring Surface Static Shock Devices for Brilliant BDSM Play

Violet wand is one of the most visually stunning forms of kink and BDSM play, with sensations that can range from a light tingle to a sharp shock. This live online class will cover detailed equipment information, comprehensive safety precautions, and a wide variety of skills and techniques using both neon and violet wands, including indirect play using a body cable. Exciting practical demonstrations will visually guide you through these skills in action. 



dominatrix training class

Sunday March 19th 4pm CST

Industry Introduction: Professional Domination Essentials

Pros and Cons, Skills and Tools, Safety, and Setting up Shop

Professional domination work can be exceptionally rewarding, but comes with its own unique sets of challenges as well. This live online class contains an abundance of essential information to consider when entering the professional domination industry. A great deal of the information presented applies to many other types of both in-person and online sex work as well. This class is sex worker-centered but open to all who wish to respectfully gain greater awareness of what sex work is and involves. 



dominatrix training class

Sunday March 26th 4pm CST

Industry Introduction: Selling Professional Domination

Branding, Marketing, Advertising, and Client Retention

Professional domination is an incredibly competitive industry. This live online class contains tons of tried-and-true tactics for growing your business in a challenging but potentially highly profitable field. This class is an ideal followup to March 19th’s Industry Introduction class on setting up shop, or as a standalone source of information for boosting business. This class is sex worker-centered but open to all who wish to respectfully gain greater awareness of what sex work is and involves, as well as those looking for broad advice on building any kind of niche business.



tens bdsm class

Wednesday March 29th 7pm CST

Raw Power: Intensive TENS

Discovering Deep Electro Stimulation for BDSM Play

TENS is one of the most stimulating and exciting forms of BDSM play, with a huge range of sensations and applications. This live online class will cover detailed equipment information, comprehensive safety precautions, and a wide variety of skills and techniques ranging from introductory to advanced levels. Exciting practical demonstrations will visually guide you through these skills in action.



bdsm training dominatrix training

Dynamic Action: Power Exchange in Service Play

Thursday April 13th 7pm

Growing Through Receiving Servitude

Service relationships can be an incredibly helpful perk of the BDSM lifestyle and profession. A healthy service relationship mutually enhances the lives of both parties. This class, intended for dominants, will cover the essentials for creating a healthy framework within the D/s dynamic that not only maximizes the benefits of such arrangements, but also builds a strong skill set to improve sex work client relationships and along with that, boost client retention.



phone sex training dominatrix training

Talk Dirty for Fun: Basics of Verbal Play

Sunday April 23rd 6pm

Enhance the Vocabulary of Your Erotic Experience

Our words and the way we speak them can harness incredible power. This class covers tactics and techniques for making great small talk as well as entrancing sexual conversation. Skills developed within this class apply to a vast number of situations from all walks of life, personally and professionally. Whether it’s vanilla chitchat or intense orgasmic vocalization, this class has great benefits to those who talk dirty for money, or anyone wanting to generally enhance their verbal confidence.



bdsm fisting class

L to XXXL: Advanced Anal

Thursday April 27th 7pm

Butts That Can’t Get Enough

Craving the larger things in life? Some bottoms love a huge challenge, and some tops have expansive interests! This class covers everything you need to know to size up to some next-level anal play. The tips and advice covered in this class are based on over a decade of full-time professional experience, extensive specialized mentorship, personal exploration, and the thoughtful contribution of knowledge from a vast community of sex workers and lifestyle players. 



dominatrix training

We Work: Industry, Community, Honor, and Evolution

Thursday May 4th 7pm CST

Growing a Thriving Sex Work Subculture

Navigating the world of sex work can be intimidating, even exceedingly difficult. We find ourselves in a complicated and nebulous network of coworkers all facing unique situations. This live online led discussion is intended in the direction of healthy community connections, and growing our careers and the overall industry in a positive direction – to our own benefit, and to that of us all.

This donate-what-you-wish discussion-based event is open to sex workers (past and present) only! All proceeds will go to Lysistrata. Contact me at MxJulesBarry@gmail.com for the ticket access password.

Get tickets here: https://swsolidarity.eventbrite.com


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